Co-Packer for Cold Soups

Perfect for vegetable and other cold soups. 

We understand that the special taste of homemade soup is what you want to bring to customers. With CalPack’s co-packing service for soup you can make your soups without compromising freshness, flavor, or nutrition – because your recipe should taste like your recipe. Whether you need to bottle, cup, pouch, or bag-in-a-box – we’ve got you covered. 

When you work with CalPack you can be confident knowing that all client data is kept extremely confidential, problems will be solved collaboratively, and you’ll receive expert advice to increase efficiencies and reduce yield loss. We can work with you as you navigate the entire process and help you bring your product to the market. And when it comes time to HPP your cold soup, we will transport your product in our refrigerated truck to our partner HPP Food Services, which is conveniently located just a few miles away.

CalPack Helps Soup Makers Like You:

Package Effectively >

We offer full bottling, cupping, pouching, and bag-in-a-box services. We’ll help you select the right capping method as well to ensure maximum shelf life and safety.


Clean label’s are attracting consumers and they like ingredient lists they understand. That’s why most products we produce are High Pressure Processed (HPP) which extends shelf life without the need for heat or preservatives while obtaining a 5 log reduction.

GAIN A partner in trust >

Your recipe is unique, one of a kind and it took a lot of work. That’s why confidentiality matters to us and we go to extensive lengths to preserve your privacy. Customers are not allowed into the production room while producing anything other than their own product. Customer products will not be shown or discussed during facility tours.


Use our technology and industry experience to ensure that your product integrity stays intact when it takes its place on the store shelf. We share our expertise, consult with the scientists from Avure and get each recipe signed off by you before production begins

We Can Help You

Working with us means access to our network of trusted labs, food scientists, technical teams and a database of thousands of products that have been tested with HPP. We’re here to help you with your product, get higher yields and better efficiencies to minimize costs without sacrificing the integrity and uniqueness of your product.


The first step is a phone consultation to briefly discuss your product and determine next steps.

Trial Run

Once you have your validation study, we will schedule a time for you to work with our Production Team to learn your recipes and process.


With your approval of the final product, we will schedule your first production run at our facility.

Take a minute to see what we can do together.