Scale your business while keeping the integrity of your recipe.


CalPack's Co-packing Service Lets You


We make scaling easy with the capability to manufacture products that fall into the fresh bottling, pouching and cupping category.

Have Confidence

Your recipe didn’t invent itself – it took a lot of work. That’s why confidentiality matters to us and we go to extensive lengths to preserve your brand.

Retain Your Flavor

Use our technology and industry experience to ensure your full flavor makes it onto the shelf. Every production run will be sampled and approved by you.

Start Small

With small minimums, you can start producing new lines in smaller batches without the fear of high labor and overhead costs.

Get Help at any stage

Working with us means access to our network of trusted labs, food scientists, and technical teams. Get higher yields from your ingredients and keep costs low.

Preserve Naturally

Traditional heat pasteurization is known to alter flavor and diminish nutrients. That’s why most of our products undergo high pressure processing to extend shelf life with minimal preservatives and obtain a 5 log reduction.

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